Mission and Objectives


Educational Objectives

Target 1. Students are capable of scientific knowledge and scientific analytical skills.
Target 2. Students are capable of basic medical and radiological knowledge.
Target 3. Students are capable of radiological and clinical technology.
Target 4. Students are capable of humanities accomplishment and social and environmental conscience.
Target 5. Students are capable of team spirit and lifelong learning.


Core Competences

To possess the principle bases of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and radiology.
To possess the knowledge of medical images, diagnosis, therapy and nuclear medicine.
To possess the clinical skills of medical imaging treatment.
To possess the clinical skills of radio-diagnosis, radio-therapy and nuclear medicine.
Understanding of new medical imaging treatment technology around the world.
Understanding of new knowledge of radiology and clinical skills around the world.
To possess scientific thinking and analysis methods.
To possess abilities of computer programming and application.
To possess reading and reporting abilities of new journal papers and enhance the abilities a radiologist should have.